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Digital Detox: Bali Nyepi Day dieses Jahr 24 Stunden ohne WLAN

2018-03-16 15:34
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Nyepi Day - Tag der Stille auf Bali und 24 Stunden ohne WLAN

Nyepi Day - Day of Silence in Bali! Nyepi Day wants to be on Saturday, March 17th, 2018!

For the first time on the day of silence so the WLAN is cut. The Digital Detox was ordered by the authorities and loads from 6:00 pm to Sunday 6:00 am.

The Internet shutdown goes back to the initiative of the Indonesian Hindu Society PHDI. Mobile operators and authorities have agreed. One of the reasons is that you can not take selfies.

Smartphones and applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook etc. will not work during this time.

Voice calls, ie normal calls and WiFi are not affected.

Just to remind you once again is in Bali on Nyepi, here is a short list

  • Airports and ports are closed (national and international)
  • No takeoffs and no landings for 24 hours
  • All shops and authorities are closed
  • No one is allowed to be on the street or on the beach
  • No vehicles on the road (except police and emergency vehicles such as ambulances)
  • No light - no light in the evening or at night

For those who want to know more about Nyepi Day, here's more info!


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